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Rear Drum Brake Adjustment
As your cable stretches, and your brake shoes wear, you will find that your brake requires more lever action to engage. This video tutorial demonstrates how to adjust the rear drum brake on a Vespa LX150. This procedure can be applied to any scooter or motorcycle with rear drum brakes.
Video Tutorial
If either the lock nut or adjustment nut will not loosen, possibly due to corrosion, the outer cable must be held stable. There is a 7mm nut at the cable sheath end of the threaded shaft (at the opposite end from the locknut) specifically for holding the cable steady. See image below

You can also watch this video on Blogger.

  • Two (2) 10mm Wrenches (At least one must be an open-ended or combination wrench.)
  • Ruler showing increments in millimeters [mm] or eighths [x/8] of an inch.

Nice to have

  • 1/4" drive 10mm Deep socket


  • Having a helper turn the rear wheel while you are measuring the brake lever movement is very helpful.
  • Time is approximately 10-30 minutes depending on skill level.
  • Check your model's manual for specifics on how far the brake lever should move. This is 10mm or 3/8" on an LX150.

Contributed by MV member Frank with the help of his daughter Maureen.
Last Updated Sun Sep 26, 2010 12:53 pm
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