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Stebel Nautilus Air Horn
The Stebel Nautilus air horn is easily one of the most popular modifications for modern Vespas, and one of the most-asked-about topics. The Stebel Nautilus puts out 139db of ear-splitting honk, plenty to get you noticed on even the noisiest of freeways.
The Basics
The exact procedure for installing a Stebel Nautilus varies from model to model, but there are a few things that remain constant regardless of which model you own. Most importantly, the Stebel Nautilus draws a lot of current, and it's important to install it in such a way that it doesn't do any damage to your scooter. In particular, the stock horn button is generally (though not universally) considered unfit for the task of switching the large current required by the Stebel. It's imperative, then, that you use the relay (included with the Stebel) to isolate the horn button from the current draw.

You should also be sure to use an appropriate sized fuse. While it seems excessive, you'll most likely need a 20A fuse for the Stebel.

The following diagram (Thanks, Pierce, whoever you are!) shows the general circuit layout.

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