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Throttle Lock Installation
This is a step by step guide to show you how to install a throttle lock on your scooter.

It is important that the throttle moves freely when the lock is de-activated. First, the rubber grip must be moved outward about 3-4mm to allow space for the clamp to be mounted. This can be accomplished by first removing the end weight then inserting a thin long tool between the grip and the handlebar and rotating it while pulling on the grip. Then about 3-4mm must be sliced off the end of the grip so that it does not bind against the end weight. Do this with a sharp blade. The end weight can now be replaced. Test to see that the throttle moves freely. Now attach the clamp as shown between the headset and the grip and fit the lever onto the clamp. (See pictures for correct placement). Now drill a small hole to correspond with the hole in the clamp. Then insert the screw. (This is to stop clamp from rotating, it does not have to be very tight.) Turn in the adjusting screw until the throttle is prevented from closing when the lever is actuated. You should still be able to forcefully close the throttle, but the throttle should snap closed when the lever is in the "off" position. I hope this makes sense to you. It seems like a lot of work, but it is worth while, as I don't know of a better system.

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