ET2 Premix and break-in post 70cc Malossi Top End Rebuild?
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Tue Sep 17, 2019 12:02 pm quote
Hey gang,

Just following up from another post. Thankfully, I've got my '01 ET2 finally up and running after the 70cc Malossi top end rebuild. Trying to find out any consensus per the recommended premix and break-in time/mileage per now that it's back together. I can't seem to find any sort of consensus, particularly in that theoretically my oil pump should be working. (I can see an air bubble in the line, but hopefully that will move and work its way through...I put some tape marks on the hose.)

Gas: In addition to the autolube, one recommendation was run pour in a premix in the tank of 100:1. Another recommendation was 32:1 premix for the first 3 tanks (4oz per gal)...then 3oz/gal for the next 2 tanks...and then just a little bit of oil in the tank going forward...where it's a little too much smoke for even myself as a rider! I went with the latter, and halfway through the first tank - I've smoked up most of Boston - which I think may be too much? Do I just use up most or all of the tank and then refill with no oil?

[b]Break-in Time:[/b] I know I'm not supposed to rev it...which is killing me...but am really trying to be super gentle per during the break-in period. If I went with 400 mileage per a break-in period, that would take me forever here in Boston as I'm always stuck in traffic. One suggestion on the board was 4-5 hours before any WOT or the like. What do you guys think?

Thanks and hope to at least quickly clear the clouds of confusion and burning oil coming out of my muffler.
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Tue Sep 17, 2019 12:19 pm quote
for breakin, you always want to vary the rpm....dont let it sit at one rpm for too long...theres nothing wrong with blipping the throttle as long as you take it easy..

if it were me, id put a 100:1 ratio premix in the tank assuming your oil pump is start it and vary the rpm from idle on up without going crazy wot..

if it seemed to run ok i'd take it for a spin...again varying the rpm..never sitting at idle rpm for too long and never wot early can probably get away with some wot here and there for a blip after its running in a bit

check your plug regularly...if you are running 100:1 in the tank for the 1st tank and if your oil pump is working, you are probably going to be a little lean (more oil/less fuel)...a larger main jet might be required depending on how much oil you add....also you might need to turn your mix screw in maybe 1/4-1/2 turn....once you are thru the 1st tank and arent running any more oil in the tank, you might have to lean out the carb...
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Tue Sep 17, 2019 1:03 pm quote
When I broke my 70cc kit in, I was told to variate the throttle as much as possible (a different way of saying what jixaw said about varying RPMs) and never hold WOT, for about 200 miles. I put a little oil (may have been 32:1) in the gas tank for the first couple tanks but let it auto-mix after that. This is probably overkill but it's better to be safe than have a blown-up top-end!
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Wed Sep 18, 2019 9:48 am quote
I've never been much of a believer with regard to engine break-in. My LX 50 4T has over 3,000 miles on the Malossi kit, accelerating at WOT, and vehicle speed pegged around 45 MPH whenever possible, since day one. My suggestion is to make sure you're oiling properly and forget about break-in. Just ride.
'08 LX50, '01 ET2, '06 LX50 (sold)
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Thu Sep 26, 2019 1:11 pm quote
Thanks for the help!

First, I figured out the culprit of all the burning oil. Turns out that the cable was stuck (likely at the splitter), so the oil pump cam was incredibly advanced. Once I fixed that and was able to align the notches, it looks like most of the smoke finally went away. Just ordered some cable lube to prevent that from happening again.

What I've done is now advanced the oil pump cam to the 2mm past the notches like others have done here post the 70cc upgrade. I've ridden the scoot past 5 hours at this point, and am starting to enjoy some WOT.

My initial fill-up was the 32:1 premix...and when I used up a gallon in the tank (the gas gauge dropped down to about 1/3 left), I just refilled with gas to dilute what was left. Likely going to dilute that again, now that the oil pump is clearly working - and am still going to do a mixture of stop/go/WOT for a bit for a while to be on the safe side.

Maybe I'll throw some premix in there...either that or maybe I'll just bump up the cam settings some more...we'll see.
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