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Tue Apr 06, 2021 2:24 am quote
So, I've bought a VL3T from 1956. Handlebar Vespa.
It's in a really good condition, having being stored for the past 15 years in a barn, unused. Unknown history before that, but I did reach out to the guy who imported it to get some more history on it and hopefully he'll get back to me.

Anyways, it's new to me, and I'm now starting the process of getting it to run. I'm not (yet) very technically inclined, so it's definitely a learning process. That being said it does seem promising from what I can gather; the front break isn't working, and I definitely need to clear the carb before attempting to start it, but apart from that it seems mechanically fine, and it seems to kick over rather easily, so in my na´vety it shouldn't be all too difficult to get it running properly and road ready.

I definitely need to get my hands on workshop manuals for this. As far as I see Haynes doesn't cover pre-1960 Vespas, so I'm out of luck there. Would love to find something similar though. It does however seem that the material available for handlebar Vespas is somewhat limited compared to slightly newer (60s) models, so that's a major bummer for me.

Also beginning to read up on beginner guides to Vespa restoration/repair, so this will definitely be an experience where I can (and will have to) learn a lot.

Which books and sources are recommended for 1956 Vespas?

I've found some good stuff already; including a book and a generic 1955 service manual.
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Tue Apr 06, 2021 11:20 am quote
Wow, that's a great looking scoot!

See if you can find the first and/or second issue of Vespa Technica.
You should also be able to find a PDF of the parts catalogue or the dealer service manual for that model. (EDIT - Ooops just saw ....That is what your second link was.)

Wide Frames have some unique parts and certainly fewer experts than your average scoot. Remember that when taking advice online from folks like, well... me.

Johnathan Gick posts here regularly and knows his stuff. But, ask away if you have general questions and we can point you in the right direction for sure.
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