I got an idea for the project 2 years ago but I first wanted to try myself at building a fuel injected 150 Zip and a liquid cooled 180 4t Zip separately. Now its finally time to put this one together.

About the engine
It came off a 2017 Vespa GTS ABS model. It has around 1000 km on it, the abs module has been thrown out and the wiring loom adapted to fit zip's connectors and frame shape.

Cooling system
It uses 2 radiators from Zip SP, that should be sufficient, also that way you don't need to cut any plastics to fit the radiators.

Fuel system
I used a fuel tank with a pump from Piaggio Zip IGET (2018 and above), because the fuel pump is the same as the one in the tank of Vespa 300. The fuel had to be cut in order to fit the new injector nicely.

Other interesting features
It still has the coded ignition so it is harder to steal. The speedometer was adapted to show the coded igintion light and oil pressure light. I also added a temperature display in the empty slot.

Plans for the future:
I need to obtain an 11' front wheel from Vespa Primavera that will be used in the rear insted of the 12' one. Also waiting for some malossi parts so the build should be done within a month.