Langhorne Creek is a wine growing/producing region about an hours drive from Adelaide with about 30 wineries and 10 cellar doors. Lots of places/bakeries to visit on the way there, so it took about 2 hours each way.
Adelaide to Langhorne Creek via Clarendon, Kangarilla and Meadows.
We went looking for the body of water called Langhorne Creek, but its seems there is no such thing.
Going from cellar door to cellar door we soaked in the ambience and asked the whereabouts of the creek and got different information at each venue. Piecing the titbits together the history goes something like this - Alfred Langhorne left Sydney in 1841 with a herd of cattle and crossed the Bremer River at a point that became known as Langhorne's Crossing, this evolved to Langhorne's Creek and then Langhorne Creek, even though there is no creek.
No wine tasting on the way as I'm riding, but purchased several bottles that fit nicely in the pet carrier for Ron. The Medley handled the 2 up journey like a champ winding its way back via the Angus River Scenic Drive, Strathalbyn to Stirling through Macclesfield, Echunga and Aldgate.
Total distance = 188 kms.

Some of the wineyards of Lake Breeze Wines.

Cellar door of Kimbolton Wines made of shipping containers and lined with ply and recycled timber, and features a rooftop deck.

Bleasdale Winery's enormous 3 1/2 ton red gum grape press built in 1892.

There were mixed feelings about the Calamari Schnitzel in garlic sauce for lunch. The beer was good.

Milang Railway Museum

There's no creek there.