Up for sale is my favorite Vespa of all time The Lady In Red

I was going to post this locally here in Kansas but I want some who appreciates these scooters to acquire mine. I can no longer ride due to my current situation. I will tell you briefly the background on this scooter.
I purchased this scooter from the owner of Scooter West in San Diego and it was upgraded to the T including all the lights and the Malossi Kit. I ended up going to 3 Amerivespa and had a blast. Fast forward. I let my son drive it for one summer and it was a big mistake he ended up ruining the engine and I almost sold it with a bad engine because I did not want to invest any more money into it. I went on Ebay and found a 2013 Engine with approx. 11K and was able to convince the seller to ship it because he only wanted local pick up at first. I got the engine installed and she is running perfectly. I told the mechanic to use all the new parts from the old engine because I had just installed a newly rebuilt water pump which scooter west did for me, thermostat, and all the good parts between the two motors were installed. I also installed the very loud air horn from scooter west, the rectifier module is also brand new I caught hell trying to install that darn thing. I have most if not all the receipts which I will include. The front headlights is unique and one of a kind it has the BMW style Halo angel eyes and it looks like a cyclops with High Output LED. I have alot of cash into this scooter and whoever gets it will be very happy. My asking price is going to be $3200 I am not looking to get rich because if you are out of state I know its going to cost probably $800 to ship it from Kansas unless you get a Uhaul trailer and drive down to pick it up and you can determine which is cheaper with todays gas prices. I have tons of pictures of this scooter and I will be more than happy to send you specific if you want I will also throw in the old engine for parts if you like to keep them for spare some are still serviceable and working I have the complete engine. The Lady in Red gets alot of compliments the drawing was hand painted by a famous artist here in Kansas who did some work for ZZ top and other artist.
My asking price is decent and please do not low ball me I am not desperate to let her go
I almost forgot you can look at some of the DIY work I did on this scooter including the Air Horn install to give you an idea what upgrades were performed. One of the picture I posted when I first bought it from Scooter West it wont have Scootie Thang on the fender. Lastly because I am 5"6 and my inseam is 30 and as you know these scooters are made for taller riders I took the seat to a local upholstery shop to get it reduced and the wrinkle you see on the pics is because they got rid of the faux leather and installed an genuine BMW leather seat cover. My tailor said it was leftover from a project so you will be very happy with it just make sure you keep leather balm to keep it from drying out. The leather is in excellent shape no cracking or anything.

Thank you for looking