When I first came across this Vespa I thought, "Woah, this thing has seen some better days."

It has rust spots, scratches, dents, bubbling paint, missing parts, broken parts, pitted parts, a milk crate for a top case, you name it. I tried to hide all of that in this picture, more on that later.

Then I came to learn about the person who owns the bike, what they've had to go through and overcome, and let's just say, if the roles were reversed, I don't think I could have something this nice.

After that, I saw this machine in a whole new light. It wasn't a let down, it was a come up. I wanted to take the best picture I could manage because I really liked the bike 10x over after understanding it.

So, the moral of this long and non-specific story: don't judge a rider by their Vespa. We've all gone through, and are going through some shit. Be a good person, see the good in things, and try to keep the shiny side up.