Welcome to Not-So-Modern
This section of Modern Vespa is meant to be a clean, well-lighted place for vintage enthusiasts, where people can exchange what they know with each other in a polite, respectful manner. This forum is provided free of charge as a community service, and staffed solely by volunteers.
General Behavior
Be civil to one another. Treat everyone with respect. Keep it friendly and remember that not everyone shares your particular viewpoint, nor should anyone be ridiculed for not believing exactly as you do. Put another way, just don't be a dick. If you are posting something and aren't sure, err on the side of not being a dick. It's that simple.
Things that aren't allowed at Modern Vespa
These are examples of things that aren't permitted in NSM or anywhere within Modern Vespa.
  • Racist or hate speech
  • Discussion of politics or religion
  • Discussion of helmet laws
  • Divisive topics like abortion, the death penalty, or gun control
  • Personal attacks
  • Disruptive behavior
  • Pornography
  • Commercial postings, solicitations, or promotions
  • Airing of dealer or vendor grievances -- no matter how well intentioned -- is prohibited. Modern Vespa is not the place to resolve disputes with businesses or otherwise publicly identify a business whom you allege has done something wrong.
  • Avatars or sig pictures that are off-color, NSFW, or in poor taste
Any of the above things will result in, at a minimum, a stern warning from the moderators. It might also result in an outright banning. Note that new users will get much less leeway than established users, as we don't have the patience for newbies with an attitude. If they can't be bothered to absorb the general tone of the place before being a dick, we don't really want them here.

Note that the above list is not meant to be exhaustive. If you find a way to be a dick without violating any of these specific examples, we'll still bounce you out the door.
Don't be a dick.