This is the R151 model. I had it on a previous bike (Honda Metro), it is designed to fit an ET2 or 4. Excellent shape.


Tucano Urbano Scooter Leg Covers are the Italian's best kept secret - also known as lap aprons or scooter skirts, the Termoscud has been perfected over the last 11 years to be the flagship product from the Italian manufacturer of quality scooter clothing and accessories and market leader!

Outer shell made from a heavy weight nylon
100% waterproof
Faux fur lined interior keeps the rider warm
Taped seams prevent water leackage
Inflatable 'lungs' built into the sides prevent flapping at speed
Metal ring which a lock can be passed through for anti-theft
Waterproof pocket
Built-in saddle cover
Reflective safety bands
Stitching and logos made from High-Visibility fabric