Someone once asked the forum here about changing the speedometer for something better.

One of our previous members here named "JTbme" sent me this in PM, so I'll share it. Since I was interested (also) in doing his MOD, too.
I used a single color white speedo unit. They can make dual color for you if you call them. Here's the information:
Intellitronix contacts:
Speedo direct:
Speedo at Amazon:
GPS unit:

I can walk you through the process I went through.
Remove the front left side panel. Drill a hole for the speedo wire on the black area of the speedometer just above the clear Plexiglas face of the MP3 speedo. See picture.

On the speedo remove the bracket and snip the screws flush. Remove the screw heads through the holes on the backside of the speedo. Clean the backside of the speedo and the clear Plexiglas speedo cover on the MP3 with alcohol. Apply 3-M Acrylic Foam Tape (double-sided stuff available at auto parts stores, Lowes and Home Depot) to the back side of the speedo. Fish the wires through the hole pulling with you left hand from the bottom side of the hole from the side panel area. Make sure to get the speedo centered as the tape is strong.

The speedo has 4 wires: Power, Ground, Illumination and a receiver wire. I left the illumination wire disconnected so the speedo is bright at all times. To get dual brightness you would have to hook it to a switch as the MP3's lights are always on. I got the power and ground from my fuse box mounted in the front. You can get them from the marker lamp wires too. I routed the wires along the existing wires and used nylon cable ties to secure them. Just make sure that all the wires are secure and do not interfere with the MP3 suspension.

The GPS unit has 3 wires: Power, ground and sender wire. The power and ground can be connect to the speedo's power and ground wires. The sender goes to the speedo's receiver wire.

I mounted the GPS antenna on top of the black cover above the dash and routed the wire under it towards the front.

After connections are made, cross your fingers and turn the key to see if the unit works. If yes put her back together. Surround the speedo unit with the foam to prevent the oem speedo light from escaping around the unit. The speedo GPS unit will take a few minutes to acquire the satellite signals. If I missed anything or if you have any questions send me a PM.

Good luck,
Jim (JTbme)

I will share the photos he attached to this PM if someone needs them.