So I have been looking for a Ram Mounted cell phone case for awhile that was worth a damn. I tried Rams Aquabox. In my opinion the Ram Aquabox is useless for an iphone.

Then I remembered I had a case for my iphone to use with my bicycle. This case is made by Wahoo but not for Ram Mounts. However, with some ingenuity it now works with Ram Mounts.

This case has a recessed area that will allow screws to sit flush under. Also you can use a micro usb with this case and it will charge an iphone. When not in use the usb port has a rubber cover. The case has a rubber tray that the phone is cradled in. The power button is useable. The case is locked securely with six tabs.

The case also has an optional battery pack; however, since I do not have I was not able to see if I could find a way to make the pack work. I have considered purchasing this because it would be nice on longer trips to have a battery back up for the phone.

I purchased the ball from amazon. Since the phone sits in a rubber cradle it should still keep your phone dry. I may add some silicone to the inside just to be on the safe side; however, I feel this may be over kill.
Forum member supplied image with no explanatory text
Forum member supplied image with no explanatory text