Info: 1964 Vespa GL, 20/17 (no idea jetting), bone stock 150, engine overhauled by Supersonic Scooters years ago with 300-500 miles logged. Converted to 12V CDI last year. I use B7HS or B8HS plugs, Carb had recent complete overhaul (new float/seals/needle), including ultrasonic aqueous bath and intake was verified to have no deformation Bike was winterized and had fresh gas. Started first kick after de-winterization. Then..

After two long rides I'm not able to kick start the bike with choke on or off. I had to run and bump it to get it started. After which it runs perfectly with no issues. In fact it's never run better once started.

First run of the day bike starts first kick sometimes without choke. Any suggestions why it won't start after rides of 30-40 miles without bumping it?