I've got a 74 Rally 200 with a femsatronic stator/ducati cdi swap. After rewiring the stator and slapping it all back together, I had no spark. After a few resistance tests with the multimeter, I've narrowed it down to the pickup/hall-effect sensor/trigger coil being trashed because I'm a moron and didn't properly reset the gap between it and the 'lato esterno' cam on the shaft. It was butted up against the cam and rubbed on it enough to kill it. Just to make sure it was trashed, I reset the gap and in doing so noticed a small bit of side-to-side play on the crank that affected the gap ever so slightly. I could maintain the proper 0.25-0.30mm gap between the coil and cam, but what I'd like to know is if it'd be best to go ahead and crack the case open and do a bearing/seal/cruciform/gasket refresh so as not to damage the 70 dollar pickup I just ordered in the future.

I realize the some might say the best option, as I'd be tearing into the engine anyway, would be to swap out the crank, stator, and flywheel for p200 bits. And I would probably agree, however that's a little outside my budget at the moment.