Hello all:

We have received this question numerous times since the deluge of orders for our NO PETS covers upon announcing the promotion on June 1:

Why is the NO PETS material different from the CoolAss-branded covers?

Good question - and thanks to those who have asked. All our covers, including all NO PETS covers are now made with our 5th-generation material - exclusive to us and formulated by our scientists in California. It is designed to be stronger, less shiny, equally heat-reflective and fully waterproof, 100% UV-protected and more durable than ever before.

We do still have some of the 4th-generation CoolAss-branded covers in inventory, but only about 100 units remain. All our Extra Large (DS-XL) covers are now made from the latest material. Likely our Large and Medium CoolAss-branded covers will be made from new material beginning late summer.

A comparison photo is below.

Please call or e-mail me (or MV message me) with any questions. Always eager to answer them.