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2005 Vespa GT200 GT 200 scooter (black) - $2,450 OBO

This is a genuine Vespa, a high performance scooter with the classic Vespa look. This is your chance to ride like Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in "Roman Holiday." Instead of seeing ancient ruins, you'll scoot past the Krog Street Tunnel graffiti and stop at the L5P Vortex for Thursday night bike nights.

(Standard Craigslist disclaimers: I will sell to in-person, cash buyers only. No loans, no PayPal, no shipping the bike. For both of our safety, we can exchange cash for the scooter at the Grant Park police station.)

The GT200 is considered the best modern Vespa because it combines the speed of the larger bikes with the mechanical simplicity of a carburetor.

The GT200 has a large, curvaceous booty. This provides the nice side benefit of making your own tush appear smaller. Will this Vespa make your butt look fast? Yes.

This scooter has a 200cc motor, which means you will need a motorcycle license and insurance (cheap) to ride it. You can take it on the highway. It will run an honest 75 MPH downhill (verified by GPS), and it will keep up with traffic in the right lane at 60-65 MPH.

You can spend $6K+ for a newer model. Or you could buy a newer Vespa Sprint 150, but you would fear for your life on faster roads.

I bought the Vespa in North Carolina with a "salvage - rebuildable" title. A dent in the left leg shield caused Progressive Insurance to sell the scooter due to cosmetic damage. The scooter ran well, and the frame had no cracks. If you are buying a vehicle with a salvage title, it's really important to understand the bike's history before it got rebuilt. I documented the whole process with photos and parts receipts.

I bought the large parts to assemble the scooter to like-new condition. The glove box area behind the leg shield is missing sheet metal screws and fasteners. You can find them on The paint needs work. I assembled the leg shield using tape that you can see in the photos.

You can snatch up a genuine Vespa for a steal. You can find a cheap Chinese scooter for the same price, but Vespas hold their value and last for thousands of miles.

Test Rides
If you ride up on two wheels and have a motorcycle license, we can discuss a test ride. If you step out of a car wearing flip flops, I'll need the money in hand first.

Just the Facts
Price: $2,450 OBO
Mileage: 7,800
Title: Clear title in GA. Was previously a "salvage - rebuildable" title.
Keys: Came from Progressive with 1 blue key and no brown key. Bought more blue keys from AF1 Racing, for a total of 3 blue keys.

Maintenance performed:
Just changed the oil (Mobile 1 full synthetic).
New fluid in front and rear brakes.
New battery as of 6 months ago.
Recent antifreeze flush.

Upcoming maintenance needs:
1) Replace the thermostat.

2) Tires.

3) Variator belt (standard wear item).

* Adorable kid not included. :)

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