I did the evap hose trick and I believe it worked. It has been idling a little rough and I was thinking it just needed a tune up but then I rememberd the evap hose trick. I pulled the hose off and sucked on and blew through it to see if it was clogged. I did detect a little restriction at first (sounded like there might have been a little gas in the line) but it soon cleared up. While the hose was off, I ran the bike at running temperature (which is where it was running poorly at idle) and it ran quite smooth again. I cleared the hose and replaced it. It now seems to be idling very smooth with the hose back on. I also (just for kicks) placed my finger over the hole where the hose fits to see what would happen and sure enough, the engine died. Moral of the story is that that hose has to be clear or simply left off for the engine to idle smooth. I never noticed any problem while riding but sitting at stop lights it felt like it might die. Just wanted to pass this along and hope it helps someone out there.

Take care all,