In Spring, many a heart turns to the romance of the open road, pulling the bike out of the garage and getting it ready for a long sultry summer of exciting rides. Cleaning the carburetor is one of the rites of Spring.
Many people have found out the hard way that if you get a hole in the diaphragm, it can lead to unanticipated consequences. And a replacement is usually very expensive.
We got replacement diaphragms from Keihin and Walbro for many of the most popular carburetors, the GT200 and the LX150. They include the slide, which is also known to break over time. The one for the GT200 fits the BV200 and bV250 carb, and probably the Scarabeo 250 carb, and the one for the LX150 should fit any of the 2700 series Keihin carbs. They will not fit anything if you have fuel injection.

For GT200 with Keihin Carb

For Vespa GT200 Walbro Carburetor

For Vespa LX50 2 Valve

For Vespa ET4

And for Aprilia Scarabeo ROTAX

And automatic chokes are back in stock:

And we have these really neat screws that make servicing the carburetor a breeze.