RPM Verses Speed for MP3 500 Ratio Change
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Sat Jul 07, 2018 5:55 pm quote
Looks like 21g is favourite then as Brent can just activate the ASR accelerating on a bumpy road.
Stock is 25. If we use the 10-15% suggestion then 25 x 0.85 is 21

But riding riding two-up probably negates the need for ASR given the extra weight over the rear wheel.
In days of yore the twist grip was the ASR and still is if I'm out on my 300 2-stroke and it starts to rain!

I'm still with J Costa. Sorry the salesman in me can't resist.
Yes, it is the single biggest performance upgrade you can do to your 500. I have had one in my Beo 500 and now in my MP3 500 and it is amazing!!


Better acceleration and no loss of top end speed. In fact, highway cruising speeds run at lower than stock RPM's due to the design.

Matt C.

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Sat Jul 07, 2018 11:09 pm quote
71Brent wrote:
Maksor wrote:
18 are to light for the 500 ABS ASR stock are 25 gr best is 22 or 23 gr
I've got 21g sliders in mine and wouldn't be afraid to go with 20g now. 19g might be pushing it with the ASR.
20 is already pushing it on long commutes at 70 75mph

20 can if you use the bike in the city
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Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:03 am quote
I put about a 100 miles on it yesterday and had my GPS this time. At an indicated 60 MPH on the speedo the GPS showed 55 MPH. At an indicated 85 my GPS said 79 MPH. According to the GPS my speedo reads optimistic 5-6 MPH between 45-85 MPH.
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Mon Jul 09, 2018 1:16 am quote
71Brent wrote:
OK, I rode about 60 miles tonight playing around at all sorts of different speeds multiple times. I didn't use GPS, just the speedo on the bike which I know reads a few percent fast between 40 and 80 MPH, pretty much knock off 4-6 MPH and it's pretty close. I did each speech at least 3 different times if not more and my RPM should be within 50 RPM.

30 = 3500
35 = 3750
40 = 4000
45 = 4100
50 = 4550
55 = 4750
60 = 4900
65 = 5200
70 = 5450
75 = 5750
80 = 6100
85 = 6500
The interesting thing about these figures is that they are entirely linear except in the range 4000 to 5000 rpm where they wiggle about a bit. This is where the torque is ramping up according to the power curve. Of course the power curve is only relevant if the rider keeps the throttle wide open for the whole time. There is little indication that the pulley diameter is changing if the speed/rpm relationship is linear as seems to be the case.

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Mon Jul 09, 2018 12:06 pm quote
LowOnCash wrote:
Piratically every "common" motorcycle works on the same principals for making power, the MP3 is no different except for the fact the clutch was made in error and limits the engine rpm when needed such as climbing a hill, passing, riding two-up.

You keep saying the "clutch" is set up wrong. No you have too heavy of rollers. Clutch is engaged around 2,500 RPM and is out of the picture once it is engaged.
Piaggio is looking for the sweet spot between HP and Torque.
Torque gets and keeps you moving, not HP.

You don't understand the CVT is the problem.

If you raise the RPM they are higher all the time. You can't just up shift like a manual trans, so there is compromise. you adjust from there with lighter rollers or sliders to your liking. Piaggio has it set up for efficiency, not racing.
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Tue Jul 10, 2018 1:39 am quote
I did find clutch judder even with lighter rollers in mine.
Changing the clutch it went even with the original rollers.
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Mon Apr 19, 2021 1:34 pm quote
It's simple to make the bike run better for no money open airbox and remove the square on left that is blocked off by cutting it out completely internal only next drill 5 6mm holes in between the 2 exhaust exit pipes and you can thank me when you have done it you will get a smoother ride and 500 rpm more instantly you will have to permanently remove plastic piece of end of exhaust as after drilling holes it will melt plastic anyway as I found out and to neaten up just grind off hanger for plastic off the exhaust
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