The problem: I can not get my 2007 GTS 250 up to or over 9,000 rpm but I used to.

Back ground on scooter: I bought this scooter last September with less than 900 miles on it. It sat in a garage for about ten years. Before I bought it the only maintenance performed was installing a new battery and changing the oil. In November I was hit on the highway by a large dog kennel that flew out of a trailer (there was no dog in it!) Damage to the leg shield was repaired and the fender and speedometer cable had to be replaced. I have 4,600 miles on the scooter now.

Lately I realized that I can no longer get the scooter up to 9,000 rpm. I don't very often need to rev that high as I can get the thing up to 70mph (actual) with out a problem. But I can only get to just barely 8,000 rpm under differing conditions. I notice no misfiring or stutter all the way up to that point. Really this scoot accelerates and runs very well.

Yesterday I inspected the transmission since the excessive roller noise was bothering me. The pulley surfaces looked good and the belt was still very much within its tolerances. I did switch back to my stock rollers as my 21x17 Dr. Pulley sliders are slightly narrower than my stock ones ( I figured this was accounting for the extra clatter - a little quieter now.) I cleaned the air filter as well. I also looked at the spark plug and it seemed to have normal wear.

I have two thoughts that could explain my problem. One was that maybe my fuel filter was clogged? With this GTS sitting unused for ten years presumably with fuel in the tank, there would be a good chance the gas had thickened up and is now restricting the fuel flow. Could this affect the attainable rpms?

The other idea I had was that maybe because of my accident the travel of the throttle cable has been changed. Would my mechanic have had to tinker with the cable to do the body work to the leg shield and replacing of the front fender? It sort of feels like I can only roll the throttle to a point and then that's it; no more power.

Any way..... Fuel filter or throttle travel???