Just in time for whatever you want to celebrate, or for not celebrating anything, and available until we don't have any more...

Genuine Piaggio Tinted Flyscreen for Vespa GTS and GT. Fits all years and models. Complete with all the mounting hardware. In the original Piaggio packaging, with all the labels, etc...

Don't let the photos or model number trick you, this is the same Vespa Flyscreen the other guys sell for a whole lot more money.

Only $109.97

Spend another $50 and we'll ship it to you for FREE, even if you live in Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, the US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, the part of Antarctica that the US claims and anywhere else the USPS considers you a local. Spend even more on stuff that isn't oversize, and we'll still ship it to you for FREE.
If you live in Canada and have a mailbox on this side of the border, we will ship it to you there free too. If you are visiting the US and want a wonderful souvenir from Italy of your trip to the United States, what could be better than this? Give us a week's notice, and it will be waiting at your hotel, motel, camp site, friend's house, post office or hostel.