$150 including free shipping in US. New it was $350 (see invoice below).

This exhaust looks sharp but its too loud for my taste. I try to keep my cockpit as quiet as possible. I have reinstalled the original Vespa exhaust.

I purchased this based on the original MV thread by ScooterPartsCo.com. This thread has lots of info and pictures.

The exhaust is all stainless except the black muffler and I think that's stainless as well.
This includes all parts, the instructions and will ship in original packaging.

I have put about 1000 miles on it. It's in excellent shape tho the pipes have turned blue from the heat, as expected.

The muffler comes in two pieces: one that connects to the header pipe like the Vespa exhaust and uses the graphite bushing; the other part is the muffler that slides over the first part - see pics and instructions. The muffler attaches to the same holes as the Vespa exhaust.

I sheared off the heads of both clamps bolts trying to remove them. They were under-designed or mis-speced in my opinion. See photos below.

You can use the header clamp that came with the original Vespa exhaust and you will have to get another clamp to join the overlap joint, similar to this one on Amazon.


The assembly and parts

The exhaust

The backside of the muffler.

Name plate that covers the joint

The clamps with the bolts sheared off.


Original bill of sale