Video of opening 2018 LIBERTY Front Panels
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Molto Verboso
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Thu Feb 28, 2019 9:35 am quote
Discovered this when searching (in Italian) for panel removal info for my 2018 Liberty150i -
Apparently his Liberty 50 did not come equipped with LED front running lights.
However, the panel removal steps are valuable info!


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Mon May 06, 2019 8:18 pm quote
Youtube's auto translate is a little strange on that.

Good find. Thank you.

There's not many videos on the newer Liberties.
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Fri Mar 05, 2021 6:55 am quote
Youtube link
I find that any posted YouTube video links are broken or won't play for me. I've dug up the original video and here's the link you can use. Have to preface it with garbage so it won't try to embed the video...

"Mounting LED arrows on Liberty i-Get 50 style i-Get 125" from Tuning System, Feb 9, 2018:


In the Chassis section of the official service station/workshop manual for the 2018-> Liberty series (Liberty 125-150 i.e. 3V i-get ABS E4) made it kind of clear to me what needs to be disassembled to get to the internal area where I would, for example, be able to install the factory alarm system (which I need to do), but the video adds additional clarity.

The "Knee-guard" is what he's removing -- to remove that, you first have to:

1. Remove the "central cover" (both of them -- what's in the front under the Piaggio badge, and what's front-facing behind your ankles). There are references in the manual to "frame central cover" (behind your ankles) and the "front central cover" (under the Piaggio badge), but the workshop manual step just says "Remove the central cover". This is in order to remove screws hidden under there). Both are required as you can see in the video.
2. Remove the front side bumpers (to remove the screws hidden under there), they just pry off.
3. The manual says to remove the passenger footrest and footboard (again, for hidden screws access). This requires removing the "frame central cover" anyway.
4. Then there are a couple of confusing "remove this" directions, the photos are barely helpful and I'm not sure why they are needed (one is something under the seat?!).

It seems mostly consistent with what the guy showed in the video. I wonder if he needed to remove less (not needing to remove the passenger footrest) because all he needed to do was to tilt the knee guard out of the way, not remove it completely?
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