Clear 8" AdMore light bar installed with Piaggio mount-kit, and painted (by ScooterWest) Piaggio top case specific and color matched to the gloss red 2018 Liberty S.

Used 3 posi-taps to operate the running light and brake light. (the PT's slots were too narrow for this Piaggio's thicker wires - but I made them work - do not need the light bar's turn signal feature - did not wire for it)

Drilled hole in right body panel, added rubber grommet and fished light bar wire through - attached 3 wires with posi-taps to taillight assembly:
black>>>>> black
red & blue>>>> yellow/black
purple >>>> white/black

Reinstall the big plug back into scooter's socket - and slide taillight assembly back into scooter.

With all scooter fasteners installed - install rear rack, top case mount plate and top case.

I did not drill case to mount light bar - but used rear-most two screws & nuts to mount the light bar bracket.

Running light looks like this (scoot's taillight has a pair of mini-LED's

All set for spring!

Suppliers: ScooterWest, AF1-Racing and Revzilla
ACF-50 applied to all metal parts prior to installation