How Do I Change The Engine Oil And Filter On My ET4[/b]

Thanks to all who responded to my posting yesterday. Today I succesfully changed the oil and filter. The task is very simple, if a bit fiddly. The 24mm drain plug is a dog to get off. If I were to do this again I'd consider using a ramp or jacking the bike up somehow. I ended up resting the bike at a dodgy angle so that I could get to the plug and filter. I also changed the gear oil. Another simple job and major saving on labour charges from my local grease monkey. For those who are interested below is my financial outlay for part etc.

Gear Oil £2.50
Engine Oil x 2 £18.00 (I spilled the first bottle and had to get another)
Oil Filter £6.50
24mm Spanner (Wrench to you yanks) £11.90