While attending the Annual Land of 10,000 Scoots Rally (take off on 10,000 Lakes in Minnesota), I learned the annual AmeriVespa Rally will be held in
my own Frost Bite Falls Minnesota. There are several active scooter riding groups in the Twin Cities (Hecky's Angels, smaller scooters, Minn-Max, larger scooters, and the Vespa Club).

A local group called the Minnesota Scooter Collective ties all these groups together and annually has a local 4 day rally. I have rode with as many as 120 scooters together on one ride. The Collective has well trained intersection street blockers who assist in smoothly allowing larger groups to transit the city.

Hope to see some of you ModernVespa folks at the 2020 AmeriVespa.

Bob Copeland

Attending the Kick Off Breakfast on Sunday

Variety of scoots at the Rally

Riders come from far and wide