Hello All,

Bought this as trash for $100 in early 2000's. It arrived in boxes in the back of my Brother's Nissan 300. It apparently came over to Canada on a military transport and the owner in Calgary seized the engine going down a long hill with no throttle, took it apart to try and fix it, gave up and left it in a box and in a shed, outside for the next 20 years.

I have literally rubbed, caressed and touched every single part of this Augsburg, Germany manufactured ride. Excellent metal, unique "Goose Neck" taillight, first year with 10" rims. 3 Speed transmission, battery-less. I rebuilt the remains of original motor (see pic) but head was seized so did some aluminum welding and grinding to add the 3 port mod head with a fancy-schmancy piston. The result is very peppy off the line for a heavy old Scoot. A joy to ride and a real head turner.

Some before, during and after pictures attached.

It is amazing to be able to buy OEM parts for a 62 year old bike. I love this ride and my kids will inherit it. Now, my '79 Vespa 100 Sport IS for sale (not on this forum). "The New Bike" as we call it. Only 42 years old!

Safe Scootin',