Hi folks, been lurking for a bit, thought I'd jump in with a question.

I own a Vespa 150. It was made in India in 1962, so it's a VBA clone. It's not original, and while that's part of the appeal for me, it's also the source of many questions. Most of the parts on the bike are also from India, so my guess is that it was restored in India and shipped to the US. For whatever that's worth. I've decided to make it my hobby, so I'm fixing stuff that's broken.

It leaks oil. It drips a little after it's been running. I think it's from the driveshaft. I attached a photo of it. It even looks like a previous owner was poking at the seal.

I measured the seal, it appears to ~30mm inside diameter and ~47mm outer diameter. Sound right? I'll order a replacement seal, but since nothing on this bike is original, I can't just order a stock part and I don't know what to get!

Also, if you look closely, you can see the bearings. Should I be able to see the bearings?

Any tips on the seal dilemma?
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