I was mucking around in the garage yesterday and replacing my 20/17 carb for a 20/20. I couldnt get it to run right so in the limited time I had I swapped them back. The scoot started and ran as normal.
Anyhow as I was pratting around trying to connect the choke cable to the carb, I noticed the choke slide did not go fully home. Not a problem as the scoot is running fine as normal.

But then curiosity got me and I pushed the choke slide all the way home, only about 1.5mm and the engine tick over started to race. I adjusted the tick over and all is well.

So that got me to thinking, " how long has it been like that "? I would say for a long time. this means all the plug chops I did when I went road 2 are now defuncked and I need to sort out the choke and start again. The choke problem is cable as without the cable It operates without a problem.

The reason I am posting this is to make you all aware and it may prompt you to check your own.