Right before Christmas, as I go to leave for work(20min drive) in my old Jeep Wrangler, she decides to blow the higher pressure transmission oil cooler line. This made a huge mess, but I was able to back up and get her back in my side drive before I lost to much fluid. This was during a real deep cold snap, temp was not much above 0'F that afternoon. My old scoot prior to my Vespa was an elderly 1985 Honda Elite 250 with nearly 22k on the clock. It hated cold weather and would have refused to start. But my new to me last year 2011 LXV150ie with fuel injection fired up with the first blip of the starter button. She hadn't been fired up for atleast 3 weeks and maybe longer. I let her warm up a bit while I went and got my riding coat, helmet and gloves. She became my emergency parts runner that day. It was to cold to ride clear to work, between black ice(I work 2nd shift so very dark when I come home), and temp sensitivities from both being on the autism spectrum and getting frost bit on my hands as a kid. I called off work, manged to fix the jeep in short working stints before it got dark. While I long for a vintage P200e, I do love my newer 4t with fuel injection. Mike the Aspie