Way back, before lock-down was even heard of, probably beginning of March, I posted a request for information on diagnosing a fuel pump problem. All the tests were carried out on power supply were positive and it came down to "if you don't hear a whir,it's the pump" That was the beginning of what became a wonderful way to occupy my time during the 'do not leave home instruction.

After all the plastic was removed-as well as skin from my knuckles- the pump sat on my bench... working like a charm. I tried it immersed, cleaned/flushed out, tested again. whirring and gushing away like a champion. OK.
Went over again the wiring/contacts,power, all the usual suspects. All as should be.
Back into the tank and connected up. Battery fully charged-and hooked up to another for insurance. Switched-on-whir for 2secs brilliant. Pressed starter, brumm. Ran for a minute or so. Repeated this a few times. A/ok. So reassemble all the plastic wondering what was the cause? While bike was still on my work ramp, I decided to replace the fuel injector-had a new one (see previous posting) After this was all hooked up, turned the key expecting the 2 secs of whir and fuel...nothing. WHAT THE ****
All the dealers in NZ were closed down too, so off to Dr Google. Found Quantum Fuel Systems in Ventura Ca. had a replacement pump listed-HFP-389 and while I was at it a new inline filter from RockAuto-Mahle KL1022. (Quantum also supplied that filter-but RockAuto were much cheaper). These arrived in 10 days, which had given me enough time to cool-down and once again strew plastic all over the floor.
Yesterday we came out of lock-down, my little bike with all its new fuel parts,plus a new fat YG16ZS battery and a fresh City Grip on the back, hit he road. Joy to the world! It was a beautiful day, the roads were dry, the fields were fresh and green-and the cafe's were open. I met up with five other riders. We all ordered pancakes with bacon& banana . Bliss.

All the best to fellow enthusiasts during this unusual and trying time.