I have come to the point where loosing the garage key may be the only way of solving this... it all started after a small oil leak developed following a baring change, turns out that spare washer was important. Re fitted the engine, plugged everything back in (it was running fine before I started) and if fired first time, happy days I thought until I came to stop it, key out and it carried on. Eventually in the panic pulling the fuel lines off, not the best call but worked. From that I have read on the forum post it's not uncommon, usually a bad connection, cleaned everything and tried again this time I have no spark and it's not running. I guess it's an electrical issue now, from the engine cables in the grey sheath the cables have melted a bit and before I pull the engine out can anyone help with a couple of values I can test for.
What voltage should come off the immobiliser on the orange wire?
What resistance should I get on the red/brown to the CDI?
What resistance should I get on the white /green to the CDI?

It's bound to be something simple as it has run, I'm just not seeing it yet, I have picked up the immobiliser system PDF from here and it is helpful but is probably sending me off in the wrong direction.

Any help and advice is welcome