I have been on a week long journey to get tires for my full size motorcycle with aluminum rims. Bonus is I think I can use them on a tubeless one piece scooter rim.

Company A has the correct front tire.

Company B has the correct rear tire.

Company C has new TPMS sensors.

Company D being me bought the device to learn the TPMS sensors to the bike. Also works on my GM car.

Front tire arrived from company A and was made in the seventh week of 2021. So it definitely hasn't been sitting on a shelf.

Rear tire is three years old, going to put 5000 plus miles on this year alone so hopefully that won't be an issue of old vs worn out.

Just found TPMS sensors yesterday after a conversation with Indian corporate which was helpful and friendly they emailed me a list with inventory of the entire country. Company C who I have used in the past, is a nice two hour ride from my house, tells me they don't have any. "I just got off the phone with Indian corporate, you should have 9 please look again, I'm trying to get new tires" found them wrong bin. I was thinking fuck off, I tried buying tires from you and your out of stock. Hopefully they shipped them today as promised. I paid for them.

Since I'm sitting here with two new tires and waiting on sensors, I figure might as well get a Harbor Freight tire changer and motorcycle tire changer accessory.

Since I got that might as well get a Mojo lever.

Might as well get blocks also

Also a spin balancer

And yes I'm spending way to much money on tools, hopefully I'll get some therapy out of them.