I recently did a self-install of the Givi 107A windscreen on my 2020 Piaggio Liberty 150 S. After a couple of initial mishaps, it is now completed. (I'll spare you the 'mishaps' part of the project, lol.)

While it does give me the protection from wind buffeting (especially in the colder months) and gives my hands some protection, too, while I don't mind the height of it (I bought it because it was tall), I do have to say that in the end, it does seem awfully flimsy. The two support brackets are well and truly tightened, but when riding down the road, as I've been able to do this week thanks to a nice break in the weather, the windscreen flexes a good deal more with the oncoming wind than I expected...

I get it, it's a sail, and something tall against the wind will tend to do that, but it just seems to do it more than any previous windscreen of similar proportions that I've used in my 20+ years of scootering.

It just seems that Givi may have gone cheap and made the screen a little thinner than maybe is needed. I'd hate to discard it, but I don't want to go back to the short Piaggio screen, and I don't want to pay upwards of $300 for a genuine Piaggio tall screen either. So I guess I'll keep it?

Just wanted to see if anyone else has a similar experience with the Givi 107A screen, since it fits more scooters than just mine... I may end up cutting it down a bit so there's a little less surface area, while still providing me the protection I bought it for.

(I've also been doing some other projects recently on my scooters -- installed seat-to-handlebar locks on both, and an alarm on my LX150. The alarm install on my Liberty is next. Long story short, I got a really good deal on those accessories so I figured "why not"? Thank god for the winter months and a big garage, lol. I'll post more about them later...)