Model: 1981 Vespa P200E
Vin: 56751
Odometer: 4,149
Title: Clean Illinois title

Maintenance 2013: Carb rebuilt/resealed, new Centermat, Air bellows, Shinko whitewall tires/tubes, center stand boots, petcock plate/lever.

Maintenance 2016: Oil changed (gearbox), rear shock installed, polyurethane engine mounts from ClaussStudios installed

The Good:
-Single family owned since new
-Garage kept since new
-New parts, including modern polyurethane engine mounts
-Ran great when parked in 2016.

The Less Good:
-Green kill switch wire has deteriorated. Scooter runs, but doesn't shut off electronically.
-Dies at idle sometimes. I never could quite get the idle mixture set correctly, but I didn't ride enough for it to bother me.
-Some rust on floor boards
-Dents on right side fairing
-Cables are all original and should be replaced if the scooter is going to be ridden.
-Will need a battery and fresh fluids.

My father bought this Vespa in Iowa in 1981 from the original owner, rode it for a couple of years, then drained the fluids and stored it in the garage for the following 30 years. In 2013 I asked him if I could make some repairs and ride it, to which he agreed, and signed the title to my name in August 2013. I rebuilt and resealed the carburetor, replaced some deteriorated rubber components, put new tires on, and changed the oil in the crankcase. I got it running good enough to ride it around on weekends to get coffee and such, but I never commuted with it or bothered to properly tune the carburetor. In 2015 I moved to Phoenix Arizona, and I left this little guy behind. I don't travel back enough to ride it, and my mother needs the space in her garage, therefore its now for sale.

This of course is where things get weird. This scooter is located in Montgomery Illinois and I have the clean title in my name, however, I currently live in Glendale Arizona. The scooter is currently in possession of my mother, and if you are interested, I would like to coordinate a time for you to meet with her and see the scooter. If you like the scooter and would like purchase it, we have a couple of options:

1. Agree on a price with me over the phone after you take a look at it. Choose a future date to meet in person and complete the deal. I will fly in over a weekend specifically to meet with you, and I will install a fresh battery and get it running for you as well.
2. I am already planning to be in Montgomery on 9/30/20, 10/01/20, and 10/02/20. We can meet in person and do a cash transaction at that time. You of course may see the scooter with my mother, prior to us meeting.

Please see the following video that I created in 2016 reviewing this scooter. Please be aware the video contains explicit language. Also I complain about it's performance, but this is in comparison to modern motorcycles, and this discussion was directed to my audience of motorcycle riders at the time. *edit*: it appears the video doesn't want to work in this format. I will send you the link if you message me.
This Vespa is a beautiful classic motorbike, and I got more attention on it than any other motorcycle I've owned. It's been a part of my family for a very long time, and I want it to go to a good home. Please send me a message here if you would like to discuss it, and from there we can speak on the phone if you wish.