Hello Modern Vespa
I broke my right front turn signal housing when by bike tipped over and landed hard on a rock next to my drive way . The signal still works but the packaging tape temporary cover is ugly so I need a new housing which is proving harder than I thought.

I've found a supply of 2 Pin Molex connectors so I can probably adapt a generic after-market signal to connect into the existing wiring harness.

I see lots of options for generic 12V bulb and LED turn-signals but none of them have connectors that match the existing wiring harness. By purchasing a replacement (or extra) 2-pin Molex I can have some buffer in case I mess up a wire-splice or cut something wrong.

For LED turn signals I read on these forums I need a 6ohm load-resister to prevent rapid flashing. Would this one on Amazon work? Has anyone tried these load-resistors and if so is there anything special about wiring it into the circuit in series with the LED bulb?

I have already tried buying a replacement turn-signal from https://scooterpartsco.com/ (sku 6402455) but it was the wrong shape and wrong electrical connection for my 2016 500ie so its being returned. https://www.scooterwest.com/ only has generic replacements with the same connection issue. https://www.parts-piaggio.com/ has the part (2D000091) and so the highest chance of success but I want to try something different (shape, style, led, etc) before surrendering to the factory generic. But even that part might still have the wrong electrical connection.

Using turn-signals from the MP3-400 series using parts from https://www.af1racing.com/ is a very expensive option to have those cool flush-mounted cheek blinkers on the sides. But then I don't know if the turn signal lamp + housing from the Mp3-400 would have the same problem as just getting a generic turn-signal. Plus if I drop the bike again the turn-signal being on the side-cheek is even more at risk. (SKU: 640627, 640628, 624435000C, 624436000C)