This past weekend my brother, Bill, came down from Rochester, NY to do a local ride. He brought his Honda Shadow down on his truck while he and his wife spent the weekend. We rode a Memorial Ride for a local biker sponsored by his Club. As incredible as i sounds it was the first time in over forty years that we did a ride together. Life, children and distance had kept us from riding together since we were in our twenties.
We got on the road in the morning and proceeded to the start a scant seventeen miles away and found a small crowd of bikes waiting for the ride to start. Given the restrictions of Covid the number of people able to attend the post ride BBQ was restricted and many of the advance sales went to walk ins and their families. As a result there were only thirty or so bikes on the ride, a fairly manageable group.
Bill and I lined up together and were surrounded by the usual gaggle of Harleys. I was using my Kawasaki so we were equal on speed and acceleration all day. The ride itself went through Eastern Dutchess County and was a very nice ride. It was only sixty-four miles and we completed the trip in under two hours.
At the finish Bill and I headed back to my home at a pace in keeping with the speed limits. Bill commented that he enjoyed the ride there and back most of all as his usual riding companions stretch the limits. All in all a very nice day.

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