This past Sunday I attended a benefit ride for Kids With Cancer. The main selling point for me was that it started five miles from my house. Also the promise of food at the end. When I arrived things were already in motion with staff taking entry forms and materials being brought out for the post ride festivities. Donuts and coffee were already available along with bottles of water. There were a lot of bikes there before the start and I wasn't sure how many hit the road until I saw a video later on. Over eighty motorcycles left the lot with a Police escort at the lead.
Out on the road a respectable pace was maintained and my ancient Kawasaki wasn't working hard to keep my place in the pack. As I was near the front of the group the line behind me stretched beyond my mirrors ability to see the end of the line. The route proceeded through State routes in Northern Dutchess County and was mostly gently sweeping curves and occasional straight stretches of road. We finished the sixty-three mile ride in approximately two hours. The scenery and weather made the ride worthwhile.
After returning I had a nice meal and a soda and then left for home. This was an excellent Fall ride with leaves just beginning to turn color and the temperature was neither too hot or cold. Just right for a fine group ride.