I've been anticipating the release of this model ever since the Niken. I surmised that Yamaha would find a way to lock the front end without tramping on Piaggio's toes . Well it arrived on our shores a couple of weeks ago and the dealer had one as a demo. Oh joy!

I arrived on my MP3 which, when parked, looked tiny beside the Yamaha. For something of just 50cc more it sure is bulky...especially the front. The salesman
was literally freaking out as he wheeled it into the yard due to the front wobbling on its suspension. Yes, the Tilt-Lock was on but the Yam. doesn't lock the suspension and the bike comes quite far over if weight is put on the side.

I sat on it with him holding the bars like a mother hen afraid to let go. I convinced him to just let me sit on it unattended to get the feel. Well, it was not the first impression I was expecting. All that bulk and wobble. I felt better with one foot down. " Come inside and sign the paper-work and insurance form necessary for a demo ride...the accident excess is $2500.00 "

Looking over at my wee bike with its new bearings I thought, nah! As they say when chickening out 'discretion is the better part of valor'

On dismounting his hand shot out to grab the bars.