Hell fellow mp3 owners,
I have a problem with a brand new Electronic Control Unit (ECU) which I bought for my 2007 mp3 250ie. I stripped all the plastic bodywork off the front as I had to replace the rear handbrake cable. While stripped down I decided to get a spare ECU as having a spare is recommended elsewhere on this site. However the new unit I bought ( 416 euro ) will not operate the tilt unit. I have a constant red Q light on, but it allows full revs when sitting on the saddle. As the tilt operates perfectly, locking and un-locking when it should with my old unit, I know all the sensors are doing their job correctly.
Does the new unit need re-setting for my bike? I have tried adjusting
the little screw on the 12v motor and the double unlock trick on the handlebar switch but the Q light remains on and the amber light stays off. Any ideas anybody?
Also I am thinking of making up an extension cable so I can move the ECU box to a more accessible position under the seat. Has anybody done this? All suggestions welcome