Hello Again,

I got this from a friend who was moving out of country about 8 years ago. It was his daily (SUMMER) driver for several years. He was the other half of the smallest Scooter Club ever. Not a lot of Vintage Scooters in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I bought it for my wife who isn't in to riding it anymore so I think I will sell it and keep my 1959 Vespa T/4 (see other post in this Scooter Gallery Forum). I know I am lucky to have 2 Vintage beauties. My wife is pretty nice too lol.

I just rebuilt the carb with some help on the forums here so THANK YOU to those that chimed in. Other than that it has been a great bike. I have rebuilt the brakes, carb, powder coated the rims (looks GREAT in semi-gloss black) and other than that, just enjoyed taking it out for a rip now and then.

Not as peppy as the T/4 but LIGHT and nimble. The windshield is a great feature too at those high speeds of 50 kph or faster