[Atlanta, GA] 1980 P200E with sidecar. Lots of work done in last couple years, including complete engine rebuild, new top end, new tires, new Liztor gear selector box, new carb, new seals and gaskets, new CDI, new throttle, brake, clutch cables, new handles, new locks (seat, handlebar, glovebox, sidecar trunk), new gas tank, and more. I have a multitude of invoices for parts and work done. Will include other spare parts, including standard gear selector box, front brake pads, spare cables, center stand, and more.

Original gas tank available too.

Engine was rebuilt in March 2019, and the work included splitting the cases, new seals, gaskets, o-rings, clutch plates, clutch bushings, clutch back plate, cruciform, original Piaggio cylinder kit. Also had new rear brake pads installed.

Tires, CDI, carburetor, jets, kickstart lever were replaced in May 2018.

Liztor gear selector box was installed in 2020 and provides more reliable gear shifting.

Scooter runs really well.

Thousands spent on rebuild and new parts.

Paintwork is not perfect and has a few dings and scratches. I purchased a can of touch-up paint but never got around to doing the touch ups. Both scooter and sidecar are rust free.

Pickup only, will not ship, but if you arrange transport I can help load it.

$6,200 OBO