Trailering MP3 with PICTURES.......advice needed
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Sun May 02, 2021 5:02 am quote
HI all,

I am trailering my MP3 from Florida to Michigan later today. I was wondering if you guys could take a look at these pictures of how I secured it and give me any opinions or advice. Especially from those who have trailered theirs before.

On the way down to Florida in the spring, the bike shifted a couple times, luckily it was surrounded by boxes so it was just leaning against those, but having to unpack the trailer and lock everything down again is very time consuming. Would like to do it right this time. One thing I am doing different this time, is have my anchor points farther out front and out back so the angle of the straps is about 45 degrees versus going almost straight down before.

Tilt lock is NOT on.

Any and all advice appreciated.

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Sun May 02, 2021 7:32 am quote
Looks good to me, though normally I use a chock for at least one of the front wheels. Been a while since I trailered my MP3 though...
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Sun May 02, 2021 10:21 am quote
Looks fine. Parking brake on and tilt lock off. I trailered mine from Indianapolis to Sturgis, SD and back llast August secured just like yours with no issues.
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Sun May 02, 2021 1:57 pm quote
The only belt + suspenders suggestion I can add is that I have been securing each of the open hooks with a zip-tie. That way if something shifts or you pound through an outrageous bump there is no chance that something can come completely unhooked.

Saw that happen once to a pontoon boat we were following down the road. Bounced across a bridge expansion joint and all the hooks in the back popped loose. We didn't stick around to see what happened on the next bump.
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Mon May 03, 2021 1:47 pm quote
all the mounting strap points are good, my only concern is nylon strap on hard metal like to cut. the front mount points I would use the strap hook straight to that.
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