Mrs jimc, aka Ivana Tinkle on MV, has agreed that we're not going to do any more long distance touring, which was the reason she bought this Vespa way back when. She prefers to use her LX '190' as a daily rider.

So Lola (for that is the scooter's name) is up for sale, at $3000 $2500 or best offer - special for MV members.
We're open to offers, as we'd far rather it went to an MV member rather than someone who might not ride it that much.

She's ready to ride for the season, with no routine maintenance due for at least a year. She has brilliant acceleration with the Dr Pulley sliders but still has a top speed of over 80mph.

45,422 miles, including the 2012 Cannonball

Belt has just been changed (OEM) as a precaution, old one had 4,000 miles on it.

Maintenance within the last year and four hundred miles:

Oil change
Coolant change
Brake fluid change
Brake pads front and rear
Steering bearings

New clutch 12,000 miles ago
Fuel pump replaced under recall 2012


42l Topbox with Ardmore lighting system
Crash bars
Jettin headlight visor
'Brighteyes' turn signal mod [1]
Heated grips
Turn signal beeper [2]
4-way hazard flashers
12V power socket (always on, useful for battery checking/charging)
13g Dr Pulley sliding 'rollers'
1mm 'Fuzzy washer'

It does have a couple of scratches, nothing down to the metal. A few slivers of paint have flaked off where some stickers were affixed.

[1] Fitting 'Brighteyes' to a GTS.

[2] Implementing a turn-signal buzzer