Selling my old 2006 Vespa gts! I just got a new bike and this ones gotta go, Iíll miss it a ton and I hope whoever gets it uses it as much as I did!

36k miles
All service up to date, oil changes done, will probably need a new cat belt next year or in 4000 miles, I can get exact change mileage too, I remember getting that done recently

Bikes fallen quite a few times as I live in Chicago, itís been knocked over 3 times and two of those falls were pretty hard, brake lever on the right is cracked but most of it is still there and itís functional, the brake light switch on the rear brake needs to be replaced, I can also just screw that back in place, it probably just got knocked loose by a pothole.

Itís got dents, as you can see in the picture but all of them can be pulled, I donít recommend a brand new rider buy this, itís an old bike, itís going to need service on something once a year etc.

But itís dependable and an old friend. Iíll miss him!