Hello. I know I never posted here before and I can understand some members refraining from answering to questions that would supposedly be of use to steal/open the seat of the Vespa but I need just a confirmation if it is possible or not or if anyone did it before.

Facts are as follows. My friend locked his only remaining key inside his Vespa seat. Dumb, I have to admit, but nvm.

We've tried all the available methods described on the forum, with cables, wires, plastic rulers etc. Nothing worked btw, all the methods described, sometimes reluctantly by the members here, are for the older models, the new models have some sort of plastic neck around the lock that makes it almost impossible to open by inserting something to pull the locking hook.

After trying all, we finally drilled the lock (suffice to say that it did not work as well so we suck as Vespa thiefs ) and we ended up with a broken saddle lock mechanism and a closed saddle, after which a Vespa mechanic came and opened the saddle in about 15 mins with a method I will not describe here (our attempts took us +4 hrs, from 4PM to about 8.30PM)

Anyway now we got a new problem. We got a saddle with a broken saddle lock. The cable is intact, as well as the hook, the problem lies in the plastic part that was destroyed by drilling. I was aware the older Vespas (I got a 2005 LX150) had replacement locking mechanisms available on sip-scootershop.com and on Scooterwest.com, like the ones in the pictures attached.

Apparently these are not available for the newer Vespas and the Vespa people at the service gave us as the only option the complete saddle replacement.

So here comes the question. Did anyone try for any reason to replace the locking mechanism or cable of a Sprint/Primavera saddle? Is it possible to open the saddle to replace the locking mechanism? Is it by any chance the same part as the older one so he can order an LX mechanism for instance and use only the plastic part?

Thanks a lot for any info you might give.