Now that my health adventure is under control I can finally get out and do more rides. Yesterday I rode to the "Love Holds Life" ride at the American Legion Hall in Poughkeepsie. I decided that since there wouldn't be any mountains to climb I would use the CF Moto scooter. It has enough strength to handle the roads on the east side of the Hudson and doesn't require dancing on the shift lever all day. That turned out to be the case on this day.
Did you know there are two streets named Overlook in Poughkeepsie? I didn't. I set out for the one I knew and was dismayed to discover the event wasn't on that one. As luck would have it I came across a club riding down the road, hoped they were on their way to the event and followed them to the Legion Hall with plenty of time to register for the event. By the time I got to the start there were already approximately a hundred bikes lined up for the ride which put me at the back. Usually that means we would be riding a little slower as the group stretched out and fortunately that was the case. We had an easy trip all day, even measured by the 1975 Kawasaki KZ 900 in front of me. I spent the day watching the road and listening to the Z motor short shifting and loafing along at the bottom of its rev range.
The day was not without drama though. At one point on the very twisty Dutchess County Rt. 83 we suddenly came to a stop. I thought to myself, "Somebody ran out of road" and it turned out to be the case. I don't know the particulars of the accident but once we got going I noted a bike standing at the bottom of an embankment and many people engaging in various actions by the side of the road. News later said that the two people on the bike were okay and thankful for the many helpers that came to their aid.
As I rode I was looking at the mileage from the start and thought to myself that the ride was longer than usual. At days end I had nearly seventy miles on the clock and was glad I started out with a full tank of gas. At the finish there was the usual assortment of barbecued foods and music which was an excellent way to end the day. I had run into two young men I had met at a ride in October and we settled down to enjoy the food and talk about our day.
After resting up I hopped onto the scooter and was home in fifteen minutes quite pleased with day. A good ride, good conversation and good food made the event memorable. Suffice it to say it will be one for the memory books.