I'll report if this leaks.

COLBY, recommended here (THANKS!), and a few others, make a tire air valve which can be installed from outside the wheel - and without breaking the tire bead.
My dealer tire tech messed up when installing my new Pirelli Angels on my Liberty150i by tearing the new valve stem (causing a leak) and by scratching the paint on my wheel.

I really do not want to remove this wheel again, or work in limited space of this scooter wheel to push a new stem in. Breaking the bead is easier than re-sealing it with a bike pump!

So, quite willing to give these a try! If it works - I'm Golden. If not.....
Amazon had a pair of the "short" Colby's to me in 48 hrs.

Always wanted to try DynaBeads - so in they go.
Cleaned the hole in the rim with Q-tips and alcohol.

Make certain the Colby valve stem is pushed all the way home - fully against the rim!

Tighten with 7/16th wrench while applying pressure to keep the black base of the stem firmly against the rim!
STOP tightening as soon as the whole valve begins to turn in the hole. Do not over-tighten. That will only crush and deform the sealing rubber parts!

Air it up ....and fingers crossed! (thumbs pressed)

I'll be checking the PSI tonight, and for the next few days.
If I didn't get it right- I've one more to try.


PS: I find long air valve stems a pain when checking or airing up - so I purchased the "short" Colby stems.[quote]