I followed the video clip from scooterwest on how to install Koso Apollo heated grips on a BV350 I used to own and did the whole installation but couldnt get the grips to work because I didn't know where to connect the positive terminal (negative is easy, on the frame) because the cabling on my scooter (European) was different to his and I ended up taking it to a mechanic who basically finished the job in minutes.

I have since installed heated grips on another scooter succefuly, connecting the positive terminal to the black wire within the bunch of wires that comes out of the ignition, so it is only alive when I turn on the key in the ignition. It has been working flawlessly for six months now and getting it to work was a proud moment for me

Anyway, I am thinking of getting a second hand BV350, 17/18 model, and I was wondering if someone can show me where to connect the positive terminal of the heated grips on the BV350, so this time I don't have to go to a mechanic.